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I reached more than 25 level in skull cavern, but i disaccept Qi's Challange. So I can't enter the Casino. How can I repair it?

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Mihoyo is wasting their game on greed.

They made a beautiful open world RPG, they marketed as such, and they drew in so many non-gacha gamers.
Now we have a situation of a game that you can spend 20 mins on daily and be done with everything meaningfull for the next 16 hours.

Lately I've played for 20 mins, grinding all the daily stuff, then I log off untill my resin has about halfway reset, spend another 10 mins, and go to bed. A game that gave me 4-6 hours of fun for a week now just barely gives me 30 mins of enjoyment a day.
And it's such a waste, the writing, the characters, the music, the graphics and the gameplay are all top notch. The world is gorgeous and inviting to play in, but I find myself completely un-interested to continue.
I even dropped 500$ on this game because I loved the promise of what they had. This was before I realised just how awful the resin system truly was. Or how insanely grindy it becomes to max out even one character later on.
I have a maxed out Fischl and Liangling, and I feel forced to keep them on my team considering they cost me about 200$ at least to get. They have OK weapons, but if I want good weapons for them I need to pull on the weapon banner, no other way about it. Which makes it feel wasted to level up other weapons as they are subpar.

I'm not alone with these opinions, I know, I'm just yet another guy complaining. I just honestly expected more than a predatory gacha trying to pretend to be an open world RPG. Why spend all that time and effort on voice talent, music and marketing and then flush it down the drain like this?
They're going to lose everyone but the whales, I really cant understand their thinking.
Make the game have a monthly sub and free gameplay instead, the whales will still spend trying to get their 5 stars.
Hell if you made it guaranteed to get a 4 star character every 10 pulls, and divided character and weapon gachas, and made 5 star pity around 50 you would probably make more money than you are now. Because people not willing to spend would start spending if you gained more from it.

But yeah, a monthly sub that gave you infinite resin, or change resin to be a material for challanging the big 60 resin bosses instead and make everything else free.
Make the artifact dungeons daily instead with 3 modes, once a day you can try for a 5 star artifact, 3 times a day for 4 star artifacts and infinite for 3 stars. Keep the RNG I dont care, and let whales pay to bypass the daily limits. Hurts no one.
THere are so many ways for them to keep milking whales and gambling addicts while also keeping the game fun and interesting to play for the people just look for a good time. But they have chosen to burn all the good will and just throw a beautiful game in the garbage.

EDIT: well this has been fun and interesting, but I'm done replying here. I want this game to suceed and not be remembered as just another gacha. Mihoyo has real potential here, I'd rather see them cash in on it than squander it. This is most peoples first exposure to the company, they had a massive worldwide marketing campaign. Pretty sure most people expected more than a beautifully hidden casino that punishes you for wanting to actively play.
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Anybody got a casino or new hiest I can help with or can u help me do fleeca job and try to do the criminal master mind challange
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Nikky Foxs Drag Race S:2 EP:3 The Vegas RuSical

Nikky Foxs Drag Race S:2 EP:3 The Vegas RuSical
Queens Enter after Tokyos Elimination
Soshilina:well our tokyo is gone
Joanna:im not gona lie i thought she will make it to the end
Anita:same i mean her entrence was gag worthy
Maja:so yall are saying i should go home tonight?
Antoniette:well your talent show was maybe the weakest
Maja:speak for your fucking self
Antoniette:girl i am not trying to be in another drama so relax
Maja:fucking bullshit*snatches off her wig*
Jay L.Bird and Soshilina step to the back
Jay:so i thought if we could have some our time alone togetter?
Soshillina:sorry sis its not time for sex this is a competision and i was safelast week so i need to step it up*walks to the girls*
Jay Sobs
Anita:so lets congrats our winner Debbie Delight!!!
Antoniette:you fucking deserve it
Kit:not really,im sorry but im just pissed i was safe
Nina:i was low sis so shut your ass up
Kit:try me bitch!
Nina Throws her hill at her face
Kits nose starts to bleed
Kit:bitch,what the heck*slaps Nina\*
Nina and Kit starts to fight
Debbie:guys guys relax!!!!!
Bea:Nina relax*pushes them back*
Bea:stop it yall are adults
Nina:by her personality,shes not!
Kit:fuck off bitch!
Anita:well we know eachother for 3 weeks and there are coupels and fights!
Queens enter the room
Kit walks in with her red nose....WFFUIFUHFUE LOL
Joanna:well ladies i cant wait for the next challange
Maja:i cant wait to be in the bottom again
Anita:you gona be fine girl!
Maja CF:anita is to nice,i dont trust that bitch!
Bea:well i hope we are doing comedyyyyyy
Queens scream of joy
Foxy Mail:ladies vegas id full of lights,casinos and suprises and the most intresting part their performance!
Antoniette:fuck talent show again,lol
Nikky Fox comes in:HELLO HELLO HELLO MY SHOW GIRLS,Ladies this week is gona be full of energy,costumes and lights beacse we are having a Vegas RuSical ladies but first please welcome our vegas show girls Derick Berry and farrah moan,ladies derick will teach you moves and farrah will teach you how do you sexy on stage,ladies and on the runway this week yall are gona be my Vegas Show Girls
Nikky,farrah and derick leaved the room
Anita CF:let me say i can lip sync and sing but write a song.....or even energetc dance.....
Maja Sleeps on The Sofa
Kit CF:im sweating over here and making my costume work when that bitch is over there sleeping!
Joanne:girlllll you got to learn the lyrics and learn those dance moves
Maja:bitch im a show girl let me sleep
Anita:maja its better to learns those dance moves lady!
Jay:girl ima win this challage!
Soshilina:in your dreams boi
Queens are doing their makeup
They hear a loud BAM
Anita:oh my god its my look!
Nina:let me help
Anita:great the look ripped
Nina:sis yu helped my makeup,lets help your look
Lady:or wear your backup
Debbie:yeah your backup its actually better then the OG look for me
Anita:ok then but its really not me tho......But i think its time for a little change!
Nina:period girl
Nikky fox is comming down the stage

Nikky Fox:welcome to Nikky foxs drag race Season 2,please welcome our 2 special 2 guest judges!
Farrah Moan

Derick Barry

Farrah:awwwww hi nikky
Derick:its derick bitch,hiiii!
Nikky:period,but this week my queens had to perform a Vegas rusical number and on the runway they had to be my Vegas show Girls!
*after the rusical\*
Nikky fox:well its time for the runway the theme is....Vegas Show Girls
Debbie Delight

Joanna Fidelia

Bea Darling

Anita Drink
Jay L.Bird

Soshilina Evangelista

Kit Anna

Lady Hyacinth

Nina Carlye

Antoniette Avangaar
Maja Blanca
She didnt gave a look!
Nikky fox:ladies me,deric and farrah made some decisions!
Farrah moan:ladies when incall your name please step forward.....Debbie Delight,Lady Hyacinth and Bea Darling ladies you are safe,you may go untuck back stage
Lady Hyacinth CF:the whole competision i am safe like girl thats my third time i need to step my game up
Bea Darling CF:i fell very ok that im safe this week,but i gues i would be happy if i was high
Debbie CF:after i won last week i know im sronger then safe so....i need my second win!
Bea:well where my drink at
Lady:in untuck we dont have drinks we have popcorn and soda
Bea:better then my tap water in my room
Lady Laughs
Lady:so who gona win?
Bea:i swear if soshilina gets her second win,girl.....she was amazing and i hate that!
Bea:gurl soshilina is killing it but maybe Kit has this win!
Ladies talk
Derick:that means you represent tops and bottoms
First up Anita drink
Nikky fox:today your energy was very low and you didnt catch the moves!
Farrah Moan:but this runway its my favorite today,i think you look sexy and glam and thats what i need from evryone!
Derick:the Singing was on point to be real you have a voice of an angel,it was not a comedy rusical but you made it funny!
Joanna Fidelia
Nikky fox:today your energy was fucking fierce ,you knew evry word of your lyrics
Farrah Moan:today you look fucking fierce,you are showing that body-ody-ody!
Derick:the singing was not the best but ok you made it really intresting to watch
Jay L.Bird
Nikky Fox:your energy was very low this week and im very suprised about that
Farrah Moan:you look fierce today,you represent the kings and you did it amazing
Derick:the singing was very bad your voice was shaking like crazy and thats not it!
Soshilina Evangelista
Nikky Fox:today you were great,when the camera was not on you,you still performed the house down!
Farrah Moan:today you look like a fucking fierce ass diva whos going to a crazy rich vegas party!
Derick Barry:you were high energy your voice was like beyonce and thats on perioddddd
Kit Anna
Nikky Fox:today you did high kick into a split and i way living great job
Farrah Moan:not my favorite runway today,but mama you still look like star
Derick Barry:your voice its soooooo good you should be proud
Nina Carlye
Nikky Fox:im not gona lie,i didnt have an idea you wear such a good dancer beacuse you what....killed it!
Farrah Moan:you look very good today beacuse this colour just looks so damn good on you!
Derick Barry:You were very shaking when u sang but at the end you killed it!
Antoniette Avangaar
Nikky Fox:ima tell for evrything,runway,energy singing was meh.....
Maja Blanca
Nikky Fox:your dancing was ofc perfect but the energy once again was low
Farrah Moan:you ddint had a look....girl its season 2!
Derick Barry:I-your singing was so shaking that it was so awkward
Nikky Fox:ladies i made some decisions.........Nina and Joanna great job today you ladies are safe
Nikky fox:Kit Anna,........condragulations you are the winner of this weeks challange,thst means Soshilina you are safe
Nikky Fox:ladies 2 of you are safe and those are.....Anita Drink and Antoniette may step to the back of the stage
Nikky Fox:that means Jay L.Bird and Maja Blanca im sorry my foxies but you are up for elimination!
Nikky fox:my foxies you need to perform a lip sync by Spice Girls"Spice Up Your life"
Jay starts by taking off his cape and he brings a little comedy,Maja starts by shaking her boobies and doing her chill dancing,Jay ddi an cartweel into a deathdroop,Maja does not know the words but she stilll fights and she ddi one again high kick into a split,Jay ends it with his sexy movements on the floor,Maja end it with a slowsplit
Anita CF:this lip sync was a mess!
Nikky Fox:ummm meh,but Jay L.Bird shantay you stay
Maja:nikky girl you dont need to say nothing,All Stars here I come.
Maja CF: I might be going home but I know myself that I did my best and better get ready cause All Stars is where I will win.
Nikky:well amen!!!!
Hiii next week we are having a roast so come with 3 roast jokes at least 1 of them needs to be of nikky foxand the last 2 can be whatever you want and on the runway i need your Blue and Yellow looks
See yall
Kit anna-toot
Joanna Fidelia-toot
Nina Carlye-toot
Debbie Delight-soft toot
Bea Darling-boot(sorry)
Lady hyacinth-toot
Antoniette Avangaar-boot
Anita Drnk-Shoot
Jay L.Bird-toot
Maja Blanca-didnt get the look
TOP TOOT OF THE WEEK-Soshilina and Anita Drink
u/Sotoryfaeu/ShaankZ u/sharris2475u/CelestialWizard07u/Morgan1307 u/Soshiwoshi u/xtinamaniac
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The Business Arc

At the beginning of the story line the SMG4 gang becomes poor, because Mario spent all of the gang's money on spaghetti (or something retarded stuff). But if they won't get some money very quickly, they will be knocked out from their homes, because of the unpaid bills. Princess Peach wouldn't help this time, because so many times the gang (especially Mario) wasted the kingdom's money. The casino is not an option sadly, since Mario and Luigi (mainly Luigi with his superpower of fortune) won the casino's all money in SM64 bloopers: Casino, Cards and Chaos, and get banned, and for some reason the rest of the gang can't play casino games. The only chance to make money is starting a company. The first steps were very good, everybody get on well with eachother. Their company becomes third in the ranking, but not growing as fast as before. They plan some changes, but cannot agree on certain details, so they quarrel and split in two. Probably Mario and SMG4 become rivals. Both of the teams started their on company, and trying to be the number one company in the Mushroom Kingdom. The competition is sharp between them. SMG4's team had a brilliant idea: why they shouldn't be present in other countries or kingdoms. So they go on an adventure to another kingdom (that's possibly would be a great episode) to discover the place, and chance of selling their lame things. Thanks to this, they managed to overtake Mario's team. Then Mario finds Yoshi, to take some tax fraud tips. Mario's company overtakes SMG4's one. The SMG4 gang organizes an industrial espionage, to find out Mario's trick of success. The spy finds out, that Mario commited tax fraud. Mario also send a spy into SMG4's company. The two spies meet, and they plan to end hostilities. They tell the plan to everyone except Mario and SMG4. They started a third company in secret, behind the kingdom's villians. That step would be a historical moment in the Wario Bros. Life: they make money in legal way. The villian's company destroy's Mario and SMG4 on the market. The final fight, who is better would be a classic WOTFI with the stupid challanges (or maybe not). That's all. (Sorry, if my english is bad.)
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State of Revue Starlight Re: LIVE after a year and a half. Personal Review.

So After taking a break for gacha game for a year mainly FEH, FGO, and FEH considering I was happy that I managed to breakthrough till end game content and marking it as pretty F2P friendly game that allows you to access like 90% of the content without paying a dime I tried getting into another gacha game called RS Re: LIVE because I watched the anime. So I started the game about 40 days ago and the game reaches its 1st anniversary then again hoo boi, I didn't expect I entered one of the shitshow.


Details/QOL/Art/Gameplay :

Detail's on L2Ds are average, most of them are using same animation with different skins (or versions of them) not really worth mentioning. It seems they're also having a single artist to do the job mainly on illustration. The Story illustration is rather few as well. Side character sprite looks very derpy, almost like it was made by an amateur illustrator.QOL Stuff is still getting added but so far, features like fusing songs are more annoying than it is being helpful.
Character during fight utilizes 3D model, aside from CR all of them are using the same animations(of their respective character not all as in similar 100%). Voice wise they're different but there arent many changes for the minor stuff like finishing enemy or the stage.
The gameplay is similar to FGO but much dumbed down with front, mid, back options, and some effects from ACT that is broken on so many levels. While FGO appreciates older servant's combination to win the fight, Revue literally powercreeped everything to death to the point older stage girls became irrelevant in-game due to the meta or counter cheese.
Memoirs is something akin to Craft Essence in Re: LIVE. Except for the part where it was mostly underwhelming and cannot be used to counter pick that can be really useful in PvP especially debuff. For example, the highest attribute debuff resists you can even get from MLB 4* Memories is like 22.5% or so. Where some of the ACT is like 100% guaranteed debuff making it absolutely useless effect in-game, just like brilliance regeneration (6 highest) or 3k barrier. Meanwhile, I Doubt you can even fight more than 5 turns in PvP without constantly showering Climax Revue and dealt roughly 5-30k damage making that barrier absolutely useless.
There are packs sold in this game including monthly pass stuff. The majority of extra stickers are hidden behind the paywall which is normally in packages that costs 25-100 bucks. Unless you're a whale. Monthly pass(Diamonds) is the only worthy for you to support the game.


The Gacha:


Not recommended. Even after a year, they didn't manage to change as FGO did to their game, and unless the player willing to suck the PvP/PvE up following able to accept that you either whale or just try hard. Then you do require to be Fans to play it. Though even as one, it is probably not worth playing it considering there's a much better game if you're a F2P player.
Pride and Accomplishment? Honestly, as someone who is now 80, had premium unit and ranked 8-9, following S rank PvP? This game is the worst experience I have so far for a gacha game, but considering that's because I have been pretty careful picking the F2P friendly one or just not broken by design. I did become a Dolphin in GFL after all and did top-up in FEH/FGO or some other gacha game I tried including this game.
There seemingly isn't much player left in the game (Counting from me there's roughly only less than 30k player that is lv 80 higher (This is based on available in-game data ranks) and I achieved this within 40 days for a game that is 1 year on in global. The Re: LIVE Reddit is dead for sure leaving with only discord as the active community. The Global version only has Facebook as reminders or event announcer. No twitter either. There's zero communication for the globals players.
As a closing, Thank you very much for reading this half rant and review as I was triggered a lot when playing this game to the point I had to make a review about it.
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How to get seniors into bitcoin

I'm looking for the easiest way to make old people understand Bitcoin more thoroughly. I want to let the elderly know about the "Bitcoin revolution", yet I find it quite challenging to explain it to them in a way they can understand how it all works. There are some wallets that have a "user-friendly" interface, but even the basics of sending/receiving Bitcoin can have a steep learning curve for the older people. A Bitcoin wallet with built-in accessibility features, could help even elder people with vision or hearing problems to use the pioneer cryptocurrency in their daily lives.
If you happen to know of a way to make old people understand Bitcoin easily, please let me know. You could also reccomend uses of Bitcoin in the actual world whether it be online or any merchant. For example, online casino's are proving to be a challange to the very existance of traditional casino's as decentralized online casino-EarnBet has taken online gambling to a next level where users can gamble via currencies such as litecoin. Any suggestions or recommendations will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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The Big List 2020 - Part 1: Quickplay changes (A lot of traits, weapons and Ideas.)

The Big List 2020 - Part 1: Quickplay changes (A lot of traits, weapons and Ideas.)
Hi Hunters!"The Big List" is a gigantic sheet that covers nearly every aspect of the game and today its the chapter of Quickplay. My wish is for the devs to get a chance to read these thoughts and I would love for the community to get involved.Im Swedish so have some understanding if there are errors in my english. :)
Lets begin! *(Every number has a deeper analysis further down)
*QUICKPLAY CHANGES(Quickplay has to be quick and fun, not everyone has friends to play with all the time.)
  1. Reduce map size or create an unique map. This will also reduce the wellspring timer.
  2. Compound fight mode (If point one is adressed).
  3. Add Quickplay Challanges. Add one tab to the existing system.
  4. Unique "loot/spawns". Extra Cash / "Tarrot Cards"
  5. Quickplay Hunter & weapon skins. "The Noble"; "Booker Mitch", "Death Kisser", (Todesküsser) "Muleskinne Arriero", "Reapers Fire" (Flaregun)
  6. The Soul Survivor Traits. Only available to survivors. (Trait examples further down) + + + fun!
  7. Achievements, cards and books for Quickplay.
  8. (Extreme wild card change) - Unique weapon pickup. "Daul Blunderbuss" / "Double Derringer" / "Throwing hatchets" / "Axe and glory" (pistol+handaxe mid slotcombo).
------------------------------------------------------------ Okay nice! Just to be clear alot of my suggestions is probably talked about already but i hope I can bring some fun ideas to the table. Now im going to explain every number in greater detail for you who are curious :)If not thanks for reading and i would appriciate if you would make some noise about my post, I would appreciate it alot. See you out in the Bayou and hopefully in the next part of "THE BIG LIST"!
  1. For quickplay to feel more worth it and fun it has to match the name. The concept is great but consider the payoff and the time you spend its not really worth it. Even if Hunt is best experienced with friends it HAS to have a fun platform for people who want some downtime and play alone. Reducing the map to a THIRD of it total size would do wonders to the gamemode. leaving only 4-6 compounds and lowering the total wellsprings needed to 3.You could spice it up with an unique map or weather effect. The reduced mapsize opens up some more space to work on. Maybe som Rain? ---------------------------------------------------------------
  2. So what "Compound fight mode" is built on the TRAIL idea. When choosing the quickplay mode in the lobby you could also choose this Mode. This is more or less a 10-12 man brawl in a compound. So just like when the Ring appears in Quickplay this mode will start in that ring. Move out from the compound ring and your soul melts away. (+Insert unique death animation.)so the Hunters starts on their back looking up as their only intel. When the timers done counting the players stand up with nothing but their fists. In the compound there are drops just like in Quickplay and a "hot spot" like the wagons and boats. You get the picture high risk high reward loot yada yada yada. Lets say that the server starts att cyprus hut and this time most of the drops (NOT ALL) are melee. I think this game mode will train people to fight and to learn the different compounds faster and can be a fun alternative way to play Hunt. But we need a real name for the mode. "Rodeo?" I don't know. feel free to come with suggestions in the comments! You can win a Cheesy Treat! ------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Quickplay Challanges. So people like to complete tasks. I think that just adding a tab on the challange menu for "QP"-Games would be great. make them unique and design it to be as soon as one is done you can start the next one. Example of challange might be "tomahawk someone", "Be the soul survivor". "Kill 3 meatheads in one game" Yadda Yadda baddi badda.The payoff here can be a combination of the others. maybe some blood bonds and a random something? I think this change is necessary. Because right now there is only one payoff to Quickplay and that is winning the game. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  4. So what is UNIQUE LOOT? The Cash register is an awesome concept. How about throwing in something like that? Maybe a gold bar or a necklace? Or only the fact that you are playing alone the registers should have a bigger payoff for you. I mean you still have to survive so why not up the tension abit with you finding a rare goldbar worth 1000? Another idea was a Deck of cards or tarrot cards. Rare drops that you can pickup (single cards). Or loot from dead hunters. These objects can skip the survive part and act like a collectible. Just like the Trail points you can later unlock "Dead Hands Gamblin' Legendary thingyfingies". Or how about finding some Casino chips? Im just spittin' some things out right now while typing. Some of these collectables would probably work well in Bounty as well. Like a rare chance of a safe spawning that you have to blow open containing sweet MAANEEEYY!". --------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Unique legendary skins. Having the chance of getting out with a rare player would be cool so you can brag about it when you are playing with randoms in bounty or with your friends. Like a Booker man or a "casino worker" maybe some cool native american dude or a high horsed noble with a ugly wig. Also some weapon skins or a LEGENDARY FLAREGUN - WOW! 10/10 would burn. Like my suggestion the "Reapers fire" A black flaregun with tiny Día de Muertos skulls engraved and a red color ramp of dots down the sight. This gun shooting a more Red colored Flare...omg take my money CRYTEK. What a total brag that would be!----------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Soul Survivor Traits. So yeah i heard you like traits! These traits are ONLY for Soul Survivors. These hunters gone thru hell and sure need some special treatment! So your little Soul Hunter get a symbol on him just like the contraband symbol system. lets call it "The Mark". They are marked, great. So when using points they have a own category. Today you can push on the "offfensive trait button". Well this adds that "THE MARK" as a button! Cool! now here are some examples. Some of them you probably already recognize.These traits are NOT LEVEL BOUND! --------------------------------------------------------------
  • - Ace of Pain : Combines Bloodless, Salveskin and Mithridatist to one trait. 9 points. (3-points SALE WOW!)
  • - Hidebound : Aka "The Boomer" trait. You can't change weapons when this trait is locked. Can't pick up weapons from hunters either. You won't take any Vaccines or needles either! Upside is greatly reduced weapon sway on your setup! :O (5- points)
  • - Paranoic : Your hunter sure got affected by the quickgame. This combines Beastface, Lightfoot and Silent Killer to one trait. 10 points (5-points SALE! AMAZING.)
  • - Bison : Knuckles, weapon butts, pistol whiping and shoves does more damage. (blunt attacks) 4-points.
  • - Sullivan Hands : *(John S. Sullivan famous boxer from the 1800s.)*Doing a heavy Attack with the fists will knock anyone down just like the spider pounce. (Except meatheads and bosses). Also fists do increased damage. Personal favourite trait. Would be a standard trait if i was designer :) 5-points.
  • - Delta Settler : 25% more bounty/cash when extracting. Also never loots the lowest amount of cash. 5-points.yeah i wont spoil all the traits. I have like 100 traits lying on papers according to all the different play styles this game offers! haha!
  1. Achievements, cards and books for Quickplay. So i think that achivements keeps a game alive. I do love the core game and have about 800 hours in it today and thats why this game needs more stuff like this. Ive been buying every single DLC just to show my support but sometimes the challange is the real reward. So having a quickplay "scrapbook" where you can tick off absurd challanges like killing a hunter with fists and so on. Maybe it can be a logbook of hunters you killed and so on. I can come up with thousand things but on this post right know i would probably just be repeating myself so lets go on.-----------------------------------------------------
  2. (Extreme wild card change) - Unique weapon pickup. So yeah this is a crazy one I admit but lets just give it a chance. So i was thinking that some unique weapon types could be cool finding in Quickplay. So here are some suggestions. --------------------------------------------
  • - "Daul Blunderbuss" : A mix of daul romero hand cannons and daul springfield compact. This will take up a LARGE slot.
  • - " Double Derringer" : Well you saw this one coming didn't you? Takes up 2-3 tool slots but you can now daul weild derringers. Thats cool..right?..come on! And lets make a legendary skin called " Double Trouble". haahhh? Id buy that for a dollar!
  • -"Throwing Hatchets" : Like the throwing knifes but you get only 3. And it works like a small axe too! so its like having Tomahawk and a heavy knife kinda.
  • - "Axe & Glory" : So this is more or less just a mid slot combo with a Handaxe (machete class) and pistol. Lets say LeMat Mark II. So the gun functions just like it does normal. You hipfire and you ironsight. But the melee attack is done with the axe. So what you got is pretty much a machete and a gun at the same time.
  • -"Saberbanger" : Just as above but with a sword for that heavy pierce attack. -------------------------------------------------------
So these last two are also considered a trait or standard weapon combo in my "THE BIG LIST 2020".As a trait it is called "tooth and Nail" and allows you to weild small slot melee weapons with a pistol at the same time. But i do think it should be included in standard play. Some things from the different parts of my list will blend togheter because the subjects touch eachother ;)
Well you made it this far. I am very grateful for you reading my thoughts and I hope you will help me spread the words around town! Cheers mate...Be seing you in The Bayou!
John L. Sullivan Famous Boxer who had his boxing prime between 1882-1892.
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Kickoff show: Men's Casino Battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the TNT championship. This match has the suprise debut of Cardona/Miro. Dustin gets hit with the loaded glove by Shawn Spears therefore continuing their fued and Luchasaurus and Archer have a brief exchange b4 they get eliminated by every1 else who team up to do so. This leads to a fued between archer and Jurassic express with Archer vs Luchasaurus on dynamite and Archer vs Jungle boy at full gear .Scorpio Sky surprisingly wins the match
ACTUAL SHOW: SHIDA VS NYLA ROSE: Nyla Rose talks about how she will destroy shida and the match starts off as she dominates shida for 10 min everytime she tried to make a comeback she is cut off by either Nyla or Vickie interfering. Then Nyla gets annoyed by Shida kicking out everytime and lays her over a table and goes for senton but Shida moves and Nyla crashes through the table .This leads to Shida working on Nylas back and hits falcon arrow and her running knee 2 times but can't beat Nyla then she puts her is a Boston crab for the win.
Best friends vs Lucha bros -parking lot brawl: Lucha bros take the win and Best friends are completely taken out of the situation.
Cody vs Sky:A back and forth competitive match with Cody retaining the title .
Britt Baker vs Big Swole:This must be like a 5 min match where Britt cheats to win and the fued should continue going into tag team cup.
FTR vs Hangman And Omega : These two teams put on a absolute classic .In the closing moments of the match we have Kenny in the ring with one of the memebers of FTR. Referee gets distracted and Omega hits a lowblow into a one winged angle for the win. Omega is slowing moving into the darkside and hangman is worried .Going into full gear we get lucha bros vs hangman omega vs ftr in a ladder match at full gear.we could even have fenix vs omega for the AAA title on dynamite which omega took from fenix in the past .The full gear match will have FTR has pretty much as faces ,Lucha bros as heels and kenny is the heel and hangman is the face of those two.They could pretty much go any direction.FTR will be part of the match since they got screwed over at all out and Luch bros are the #1 ranked team then.
Jericho vs Cassidy-2 out of 3 falls match: 1st fall is taken by Cassidy by a roll up and gives a thumbs up afterwards. 2nd fall is taken by Jericho by interference by inner circle (best frnds are not present cause of their match earlier in the night)and he beats the shit out of Cassidy after the fall.Cassidy is bleeding from his forehead. 3rd fall:Jericho hits a codebreaker and pins Cassidy but Cassidy kicks out .He is setting him up for the Judas effect but Cassidy counters with the punch for a near fall. Jericho hits Cassidy with the low blow but Cassidy still kicks out . Jericho goes for the elbow but Cassidy gets to his feet and gives a middle finger b4 Jericho connects with the elbow and wins. Jericho goes on to fued with mox and Cassidy is written off tv for a while. The first fall is a comedy match.The second match is a back and forth affair and the a third fall is a storytelling match.
Main Event:Mox vs MJF vs Cage vs Darby
Mox gets thrown through a table by cage and Starks next week and Darby eats the pin and they lose the tag match . Starks and Cage continue the beatdown b4 Mox saves Darby but then Mox Paradigm shifts Darby as the show closes. MJF challanges Mox for the title.Mox comes out and accepts.Cage and Taz come out and talk about how Mox did not defeat cage and he also lost the match last week and how he deserves a rematch.Darby comes out and all hell breaks loose.Mox and Cage take each other out and MJF and Wardlow beat up Darby and MJF raises the the title .Next week we get Darby vs MJF .Match ends in a draw and MJF and Wardlow take out Darby making it uncertain if he will take part in the match at All Out but he finally makes his return on go home show . The match is fast paced and the ending comes when Wardlow unintentionally costs MJF.Darby takes out Cage with some risky move and Mox pins Darby to win the match. Cage Darby will continue heading into Full Gear and MJF will go after Cody after cutting a promo about how he was screwed at All Out where it should have been a 1on 1 vs mox and he wins against Cody at full gear with the help of wardlow who wins back MJFs trust and this leads to a Cody heel turn .
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Random Farm TD - Information and tips

Random Farm TD - Information and tips

Random Farm TD 0.47a ENG

I have played this map many times every day the last months, started with 0.2 and then 0.25 and now 0.47 versions (which this post is about). I want to share some tips and guidelines for this map since many like it (I got a group devoted to it on Battlenet that has fast reached 100+ members) but there is little tips and information to find about it. So this will be a long one :p

I you like this post, plz upvote it in top left corner, to the left of text 'Posted by u/ByFstugan***... '***

Since many ask about the missions, especially the hidden ones, I've made 2 images to help with that, one of the most important to know, and one complete:

Help for missions, simple version:

Help for missions, complete list (the last 4 here is hard to get or messy to fit in image):
Here are the missions in text:
Crop/Fish/Life (non-tower) missions:
  • King of Fishing (1x each 4 fish kinds)
  • Not a Picky Farmer (3x each 3 crop kinds)
  • Large Farm (Any 20 crops planted at once)
  • Living on the Edge (Have 3 lifes left)
Basic/Normal missions:
  • Faithful to Basics (1x of each Basic tower)
  • Personal Achivement #1 (7x same of a random kind of Basic)
  • It's a Common things that Matter (7x same of any Normal)
Rare/Special missions:
  • Rare Plant Collector (1x of each Rare)
  • Personal Achivement #2 (6x same of a random kind of Rare)
  • Specialist (6x same of any Special)
Combination missions:
  • Reunited Naga Family (Basic-Special - Murloc/Siren/Royal_Guard/Guardian)
  • Animal Farm (Normal-Superior - Chicken/Sheep/Cow/Pig)
  • Soaring in the Sky (Rare-Superiors - Sheep/WindrideOwl/Sentinel/Couatl/Chimera)
Superior missions:
  • It's a Free Magic Estate (Sell a Superior Magic Castle)
  • Daiso (6x of any Superior towers)
  • Modern Times (3x Goblin Factory)
  • Luddites Movement (6x Superiors - Sentinel/Juggernought/Pig/Couatl/Magic_Castle/Chimera) \You may NOT have a Goblin Factory present*
Miracle missions:
  • Be the First to build a Miracle (You always get this in solo-games)
  • Passenger (2x Miracle - Far_SeeMalfurion)
  • Gatekeeper (2x Miracle - Daemon_Gate/Dimensional_Gate)
  • We will be rich (2x Miracle - Alchemist/Magic_Vault)

Now to game tips.
First of all this is a map where you can save if you win, and if you save/load you gain ranks , and ranks gives titles, and titles gives a slow-aura (can be seen from "Scarecrow"-title when you hover top right purple flag in Farmers interface). This game has 40 rounds with a perk each 5 rounds (see #5) and a boss each 10th round. The boss-rounds are a challange and if you do missions you might need to halt and merge to not leak bosses and aim for missions again after the bosses. You can build two kinds of random towers, one for 175 gold that build basic towers and has 4% chance to be Normal (175 free gold in value) and 2% chance to be Rare (525 free gold in value), and also the 1500 gold towers that build Special towers and has a 4% chance to be a Superior tower (1300 free gold in value). The 1500 gold towers cost you 100 gold more than it would cost to build and merge a tower up to Special quality, but you don't need to build a gazillion extra towers to get that special, so that is 100g "wasted" that accually saves you alot more that likelly would be more or less useless in themself.
*Notice first that this map has a -save/load function.
**You can only save if you win, that means kills the final boss in round 40.
***Load code is found in this folder:
Documents / Warcraft III / CustomMapData / Grabiti's RPG Creator / RFTD English Version
****You can change zoom with command "-cam 165" (which is my prefered number), and 125 is default and 200 is max.

(#1) First win - make sure to play on Easy and save, it's +30 bonus ranks then (harder difficultys seems not all work with this). This is a compensation from the maker of map since the saves from older versions isn't compatible with this version. A bit werid that it only seems to trigger on Easy level, would been more logical if you had to go directly to a harder level to prove your ranks from earlier versions.
\It seems as you can gain this even if you once made it on higher level, but I assume you must start over on easy WITHOUT loading then.*

You need to know your required difficulty to gain ranks
(#2) You gain no ranks for win below your required level. For example as a "Farmer" you must play "Normal" difficulty or higher to gain ranks when win, which all who beat the game on easy and saved will have due to bonus-compensation mentioned in #1. On F9 -> "Titles" you can find this info, but I say it here also:
Rank 1-5 = [Seed] -> Required level / Easy
Rank 6-20 = [Scarecrow] -> Required level / Easy
Rank 21-40 = [Farmer] -> Required level / NORMAL!!! :)
Rank 41-60 = [Farm Manager] -> Required level / Hard
^(\This rank will show as "Hell" in statistics mentioned when code is loaded.)*
Rank 61-80 = [Farm Heir] -> Required level / Hell
\OBS!* You can't reach rank 61 except playing on Hell eventhough as a Farm Manager your required level really is Hard.
Rank 81-99 = [Miracle] -> Required level / Hell
Rank 100-149 = [Transcendence] -> Required level / New World
Rank 150-249 = [God] -> Required level / New World
Rank 250 = [Conqueror] -> Required level / New World
The effects of this titles you can read about on #2b...

The standard farmers/vehicles
(#2b) When you do save you grow in rank and by certain levels you gain a higher title. With that title also comes a slow-aura with a certain range, and this aura/range is bound to title and has nothing to do with what vehicle you see yourself in or switch to (same goes for vanity-avatars, it's just cosmetica, title is boost). To each level there is a designated vehicle as default, though due to some bug (?) most who gain the +30 free ranks is shown in the "Tractor", though their title and aura is the one represented by the "Red truck". The bonuses is as follows:
Title "Scarecrow" the "Tractor" has 4% slow-aura with 600 range
Title "Farmer" the "Red Truck" has 6% slow-aura with 800 range
Title "Farm Manager" the "Blue Truck" has 7% slow-aura with 1000 range
Title "Farm Heir" the "Sedan" has 8% slow-aura with 1200 range
Title "Miracle" the "Jeep" has 9% (slow-aura with 1200 range
Title "Transendence" the final "Car" has 10% slow-aura with 1200 range
Title "God" & "Conqueror" follows and has same bonus as above.
\*You can choose your appearance by typing all from -1 to -7 in chat ingame to pick the look of the farmer to the car in order of mention as well as shown in picture above.*

(#2c) The rank increase is based on which difficulty you play, and totaly ignores if you are a "Seed" playing "New world", there is no extra gain for that. The difficulty adds damage resistance to the critters and bosses, and on the highest level 44% of the damage is absorbed and you need the extra damage to compensate for that to kill things. Therefor harder difficultys starts with more gold so you can build more towers, on New World you get enough for 8 towers from start and can accually if really lucky get for example faithful round one (happened me once only though).
Any win on Easy/Normal gives +1 Rank per win.
Any win on Hard/Hell/New World gives +2 Rank per win.
\Again, see F9 -> "Titles" to see what ranks unlocks what "Titles" since you still get NO RANK if you play below your required difficulty.*
\*Another important thing to know is that to go to rank 61 DEMANDS that you play on "Hell" difficulty, eventhough that's not yet your standard minimum choice (but it will be as soon as you got the rank 61).*

This rather ugly and some cool avatars can you buy with enough points
(#2d) Vanity points can be used for buying vanity avatars, and as said before this is just cosmetica and your slow-aura is based on title no matter what you see yourself as. If you want to buy a avatar you must have the points needed, win last boss, buy and save last thing you do.You gain points based on difficulty:
Easy: 5p, Normal: 7p, Hard: 9p, Hell: 11p, New World 13p
* To load 100p vanity avatars type =1 to =9** To load 200p vanity avatars type @ and 1-5

(#3) Tactics. There is different ways to play this game that can make you stronger faster or very slow, and the later part can often be to slow if you intend not to die. You can go hard on one or the other way or choose a mix, I'll explain the ways I mean in 3a and 3b here...

(#3a) Merge-crazy. In general you get stronger early to mid game if you merge as much as possible, but you miss alot of resourses attainable through missions which will give you a weaker end-game. I'm not sure how much missions you can ignore (and hence miss out on resourses) and still win on New World (hardest), but I assume it's fully possible, but also that you might need to be more lucky with which miracles you get.
\You can still win easy on lower levels anyhow (dunno about higher, I always missiongreed), so this can be a good way to start knowing this map. U can make up for lack of mission-wood by sending more mini-bosses earlier than a missiongreed-person like me can do. However, you can never reach the same amounts of extra wood in the end, see first *comment on #3b since even a mission-greedy will start to spawn mini-bosses asap when strong enough, so it's only some extra early bosses you spawn where you can excel over the mission-greedy person.*

New World difficulty, solo, 17 mission, 4500 wood (faithful +200 missing in image)
(#3b) Mission-greed is the next level to play this map, my personal best is 19 missions in one game and the usual is 11-16. U can't make all missions each game and it's exremelly unlikelly to get all 21 in one game. This playstyle makes you pretty much weaker early game and past mid game also if going all the way with it, but endgame you are much stronger. I checked a game where I did 15 missions and there I had 3900 wood from missions, the merge-crazy will miss most (not all) of this.
\My general Resourse gathered through a game is 70-80k+ (96k+ best) and most people who don't do missions are around 45-60k total resourses. So the difference between them on final round is the extra towers/damage upgrade/items for miracles a real missiongreed can get for those 10-50k+ extra gold.*
\*My general number of Missions done through a game is 11-16 and my personal best is 19, but the last one was done in solo where I also had the mission for first miracle which I rarely get if playing with others. Screenshot above is from a game with missions that gathered 4500 extra wood, it was played on New World difficulty and in solo. "Faithful to basics" doesn't show there since it can't show more than 16 mission at once, sadly.*

(#4) Resourse-gathering and income in this game is partly some you get per round, as 175 gold (enough for one new basic tower) and 200 wood that always is put into your bank each new round if you still got lifes. Beside that you can do missions for extra wood, send mini-bosses for extra wood and fish and so get both fishes and other very good perks.

First 3x3 mission and then all in on one kind of crop of your choice, mine is grapes ^^
(#4a) Choose a crop and stick with it. Always do the 3x3 mission but after that stick to your crop of choice. The crop value increase each 15 built and in the end you'll have 30 higher price-range on your crop, mean the lowerst price you get is boosted by 30 and you secure yourself from really horrible prices.
\To make this work you ALSO HAVE TO put down crop on ground to avoid getting one giant stack that if you get forced to sell in order not to leak to death you can sell smaller quantities. This is done by RIGHT-click crop in inventory and LEFT-click to put it on ground.*

A beautiful day for fishing, plz no WaWoT!
(#4b) Fishing is a new content since 0.25 version and has a fish-mission to it. In the 0.47 version there is one extra kind of fish and the mission demands 4 kinds (Small fish, Carp, Herring and Red Snapper). Another change is that from round 16 you wont get any more baits, so the chance to get this mission is very limited. I'd say that about half the games you don't get it or something - and you can't do anything about it.
You can as with all things in inventory put the fishes on ground and save them to sell later, and many of you might seen others do this and wonder why they don't sell directly. The reason is that the fishes value increases each 5 rounds, so that after r5, r10, r15 and so on to r35 (last increase). I don't know the math for it, but I have sold fishes from first rounds to 100g+ each, which you never get if selling them first round. Still many fishes still go to crappy prices even late, so I dunno how this work exactly as said, but there is a factor of price increase for sure.
There is an awesome trick with fishing that works if you got a mechanical keyboard only I think, but you can reel the fishes in by just holding buttons instead of spamming them. This makes fishing a bliss so you can really enjoy Gods beautiful nature while fishing instead of it being a hard labor :)

This is where you call mini-bosses, and countdown (add 13 seconds) to first possible
(#4c) Mini-bosses can be sent from Town Hall building (right side of your Farm) and gives 100-400 wood if you make it, but takes 5 lifes if you don't kill them before exit. It's good for you if you play with players taking noticable longer time than yourself to kill all their critters, then you should send the bosses just in the late part of your own round when you see there is no risk of leak if you send the boss now (it should be some of your critters still alive when you do this, at least when the boss is a challange for you, you need the extra time before next round starts).
The ability for you to kill the bosses will be very different depending if you go hard on merge (stronger early) or do heavy mission-greed (weaker early), and also depends much on if you got slows (see #9a+#9b+#9c) - but as a rule of thumb I would say like this:
1st mini-boss, Eagle, 5k HP, +100w:
This one you can kill before the first real boss round 10 if you get good enough towers and is in general easy to kill after 1st boss (Round 10).
2nd mini-boss Stag 22k HP, +200w:
This one same as above, but more suitable before and after 2nd boss (Round 20). Merge crazy persons with good Miracle can easy take it down before.
3rd mini-boss Albatross 80k HP, +400w:
This one same as above, but more suitable before and after 3rd boss (Round 30). Same as above goes even here for the Merge-crazy ones.
\The mini-bosses can be called again after a cooldown on 5 minutes and this you should do as much as possible.*
\*No matter if merge-crazy or mission-greed is the playstyle all can spam all three bosses asap in the end, just as long as you time the trigger to a wise moment at least (where just after a round has started is the worst timing of all). You should use slow players as well as the pause between rounds to advantage.*

Have you not seen \"A Christamas Carol\"? See it and learn the lesson!
(#4d) Greedisdeath! In this map you'll often die due to greed, and in some way it's due to the fact that you hunt things that give you wood (which give you crop, which give you gold, which give you towers/upgrades). This is done in three ways in general:
A) Price-greed:
You refuse to sell crops to low prices and dies with no glory, but alot of crop in pocket.
B) Mission-greed:
You refuse to accept some missions will kill you unless you stop hunting them and merge more and dies with no glory but some lower tier towers standing there staring at you and you wonder "were you worth it?" as you stare back at them.
C) Boss-greed:
You overestimate your strenght and send mini-bosses to soon or in wrong time. You die with no glory and can watch your demise as the mini-boss and/or the round-critters is impossible to manage at same time. This often happens by misclick as well, so it's either pride or oupsie ;)
(#4e) Sell to Town Hall "Casino". You can sell anything to townhall and then you get mostly 0g but you can also have jackpots and gain much more gold than items are worth. I dunno the stats for this, but a good tip is anyhow that you sell your fishingrod round 36 (or maybe 31) and hope for a price. I've gotten 2700 gold for a penguin (worth less than 20g otherwise), and heard of people getting about 4.5k - I dunno what's max. An ingame friend I trust claims to got 8k+ for a fish - and that's the most insane example I've heard of. Seems to be very rare to get this extra high prices though, so be prepared on that zero gold is what you mostly get. I guess the chance for higher prices here is also 5-round increase, and if so r36 should be last increase and highest amount from there to end. Earlier rounds seems to be always 0g, but not sure about that either.

Make your pick wisely, it has great impact
(#5) The 5-round perks. This are free boosts to your farm each 5 round, and they are as follows:
A) Price upgrade (15% increase in ALL kinds of crop values)
B) Random Tower of quality from Basic to maximum Superior.
25% chance for Superior
35% chance for Special
20% probability for Rare
15% risk for Normal
5% risk for Basic
C) Damage increase 10%. This can be taken 3 times maximum.
D) Randomizer for miracle tower. Gives 2 runs. WARNING: IF you stand within tower that you randomize first try it will disappear and you only get one go, so stand beside and with a little distance. The randomizer has 21 Miracle towers to pick from, and it can give same as you got. Another thing that's really a bug is that when you randomize a tower they don't (always?) get the damage upgrades you might have, but if you do yet another upgrade it will get it.
Now some tips for these choices.
General: Go for prices mostly early and damage in the end. In general I'd say go price round 5-20 and then damage round 25-35. The more rounds you get increased price on, the more gold gained ofc.
Alternative: You can also choose a random tower which if Master of Legend can be a valid choice, but on harder level the lower towers here will ruin much for you. To me this is to much of a gamble choice so I've stopped doing it.
Late only and maybe: The randomizer you shouldn't take unless you see you got a bad miracle you really want to switch, and hence it's always a late rounds choice only. This choice can be anything from almost useless to extremelly valuable. I take one each round 35 thought, but that is since I'm silly mission-greedy and might use it to get one of the three miracle-based missions.

(#6) Optional Merge. You can in this version choose both where your towers should merge (as before) AND which tower to be removed. This button is the 3rd button on the middle row.
\Select the tower you want to merge (where you want it to be) and click Optional Merge and with the crosshair you then get choose which to remove.*
(#6a) Optional Tower build, when to leave rare and below towers behind? As I said in the start you can also build 1500 gold towers that becomes special or if you're lucky Superior (4% chance). I feel like I need to give some advise since it's a pretty common question to IF or WHEN you should build these towers.
First off I wanna say that they are definetly very good to have as an option and yes you should build them. But - first off, from the very start you can't of course - and in my opinion you should absolutelly not start to as fast as you can either. This goes for anyone that wanna focus at least some on the missions, and a very Merge-crazy person can ignore this advise and likelly win map anyhow, at least on lower difficultys.
My advise to when you should start doing the 1500 gold tower is this. First of you want do finish all your missions that has Basic, Normal and Rare towers in their requirement - perhaps not the Personal Achivement #2 for many since it's the hardest among them, rest is pretty easy.
You also might wanna save a Murloc, Siren and Royal Guard for the Naga mission, and a Chicken and a Flying Sheep for the Animal Farm mission, so if you sell all others, save at least one of each of these - rest basic-rare's you can sell. For the "Bird"-mission this is also a Sheep (same as for Animal Farm ofc), and then a "Windrider".
Another thing that I personally think you also should try to get before you switch to the 1500 gold towers is the 4 Royal Guards I talk about in #9a.
It's a pretty nice feeling when you have got earlier missions, got your slows and also got the towers mentioned above for possible other missions, but now can sell all other crap and continue map without a trace of them (besides for Royal Guards that are really awesome).

This is where you choose to upgrade damage, but wait until you got a Miracle
(#7) Damage types upgrades. Don't upgrade damage types before you got a Miracle which damage you want to boost. Some miracles might be so bad that you rather replace them than boost them. Other miracles has abilitys which damage boosts twice as much as the regular damage do. You can pretty early do a couple upgrades to your miracle, but don't go to hard on it before you got several and know which is best to focus most at.
\Focus more on them which damage-type you got more of. Also them placed in middle island is higher prio than them outside of it.*

(#8) Keybind & Aiming/Sniping. You can keybind things and finding them with an easy push of a number to select them by using CTRL+# where the # is a number. The towers you should keybind should all be placed so that they can snipe critters going north for the exit, that means mainly the center-island and the place to left of of. You can also use some towers above and below this place.
For me my setup is like this:
CTRL+1 = Farmer
CTRL+2 = Town Hall building (for sending mini-bosses and later do upgrades)
CTRL+3 = Strong towers at north exist point, with best slow included.
CTRL+4 = Weaker towers enough to kill almost dead critters.
When you are close to leaking this can help you either not leak at all or at least minimize the leakage greatly. Any missiongreedy person must do this.

New World, Perfect round, 16 Missions, 89k res, 7 Miracles
(#9) Placement and unique ability towers. I always aim to mostly get Miracles mainly on middle island, and you can somewhat control that your best upgrades end up there, not always though ("Optional Merge" mentioned on #6 is very important for this). Above image is not perfect in my eyes, just my last really good game, so I will replace it some time. I have some comments on #9a, #9b and 9#c where this image suits as example thought.

Royal Guard & Guardian, both with 30% slow effect
(#9a) Slows #1. Royal Guards & Guardians. I always aim already from 1st boss to have a Royal guard on each side of center, which I get like 7/10 games or more. Guardian (former "Hydra") is also valid. Their slow works 100% and on a single target. The image just above #9 shows a perfect placement of the 4x Royal Guards as slows, and no matter if they stand closest to center (as the right one) or one square away (as other three) the boss will be perma-slowed both before coming into the attack range of center as well as all the way through and past it.

Cow, slow-aura 12% and 800 range
(#9b) Slows #2. Cows. They have a large (800) slow aura that slows 12% and any slow is good. This is a permanent effect and has no random to it, gives you more time to kill critters/bosses. Aim to have one or two (one on opposite sides), they cover most map and all center, more than two is more or less useless. The image above #9 here I only managed to get one cow, but it slows also past the path where critters/bosses walk on the oposite side of the center, so where my yellow car farmer stands somewhere the boss would be slowed by the cow on right side also, but not under that place.
This slow works 100% and on all target in range.

Juggernought, can be really good but also dangerous for health
(#9c) Slows #3. Juggernoughts. When they trigger and work as they should they are awesome and can save you from leakage and death. But sometimes they trigger and cause critters to run over eachoter in mass so that leakage is CAUSED by them instead of helping you. You can't snipe five critters on basically the same spot when they are fast, which most are to some degree. I think 1-2 Juggers is max what you should have, and it's best if they are toe to toe with at least one miracle since them doing a slow-shock-wave when no miracle can hit a boss it's almost useless. I don't value them as much anymore and in general I keep one but I merge if two. Another Miracle generally has better payoff since they always pack alot of damage, the Juggernought can far to often seem to have his crew sent on semester somewhere :p
This slow triggers random and rarelly and if triggered it effects all target in range of the towers center.

Obelisk (10%) and Magic Castle (12%) attack rate-aura with 600 range
(#9d) Boosts. Obelisks and Magic Castles boost rate of fire. They have close to same boost, but the Magic Castle has 700 range compared to Obelisks 500 on aura (both has 600 range on damage). It's important to know that they DO STACK with eachother (not themself), so to have at least one of each is good. I usally don't wanna waste two middle-island-spots on them so I aim to get them on the edge beside the middle in any of the four directions. As long they cover the most important miracles they are doing well. On the #9 image above I got one Magic Castle and one Obelisk perfectly cover the middle so that both of them give a stacking boost to the four Miracle in center. The Left Miracles there are boosted by the Obelisk only, and the south Miracle has no boost at all. The range of the Obelisk are exactly 4 squares with a small bonus, hence the towers that isn't on exact same row but 4+ something squares away also get bonus, as the bottom right (Mountain Dwarf) is on image. The Magic Castle is a little better, will type here again when I know exactly how much in squares.

Buy item for Miracle hero here
(#10) Items. They cost 500 wood each and each Miracle can have one, but no more. There are alot of items which can greatly improve your Miracle towers, but at same time some are almost useless (and some are on final boss I think). You might want to get your build more set before starting to buy these.

(#10a) You can move items between miracles/heroes/generals, either directly from one and put on another, or by putting it on ground from one and then pick up with another (a must if range is to big). If range is even to big for that you can drag it with your farmer by picking it up (which he can't) and drop it where you stand (happens by itself when you try to pick it up).

(#10b) Items with stun effect are especially good on end boss, try to get them on the one with the highest attack speed. This way those high attack speed/low damage towers that usally not is that good on bosses can become very useful.

(#10c) Wrong texts? There are some items that has text that seems to effect all surrounding towers but in reality only effect the one it's present in. I don't know all about this, but me and some friends have noticed it. For example, the Legendary item "Heritage of the Sea" says it "Increases damage of nearby towers by 30%" - but in reality it only effect the carrier of the item. I don't think this is same for the attack speed bonus items, and I dunno much more - but look up things if possible, and plz tell me if you notice anything in a comment below.

(#11) Final boss preparations. Here comes something VERY important that often can be the "Make it or break it" factor. You want to make sure that you get as much damage as possible to the most important damage dealers - they are ALWAYS of the miracle-kind. Not even the strongest Superior tower does much damage to the final boss even heavy upgraded, and any Superior tower without damage upgrade is more or less useless (unless they boost like the Magic Castle).

(#11a) Sell ALL the lower tier towers that isn't mentioned on the number #9 above, and also then even all superior towers that's not heavy upgraded in damage. Never upgrade damage for a Superior tower, only Miracles. This often give you many thousands of gold that you use for the most important Miracles damage upgrade. See end comment on point #7.

**End notes:*\*
I play this map on classic graphic since some towers are so large that they both makes towers behind them hard or even impossible to see (without Ins/Del turn image) as well as select.
I also think this map should be played on Normal speed becuse it becomes to hectic for my taste otherwise, especially at the end-boss preprations. Therefore when I host that's my preference, and you find me hosting games on Battlenet with the title:
Random Farm TD 0.47 (NormSpeed)
\That's maximum number of letters/numbers hence it's shortened*

I hope this helps you and that you'll become an awesome farmer - even better than a n00b like me ;)
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Just a collection of random thoughts, theories and wishes for the announced upcoming episodes

As the title says, just my random thoughts. Feel free to answer or add your thoughts for discussion. Spoiler warning for episodes, the supposed google descriptions and former episodes of the shows.
Challange Of The Senior Junior Woodchucks!: probably the beginning of Huey's arc for season 3. As the google description mentions a Woodchuck-treasure I sense some "Guardians Of The Lost Library"-vibes (Don Rosa). Also, would cool if the episode will involve Junior Woodchucks such as Della, Launchpad, Drake Mallard, Fethry, ... And maybe General Snozzie could make an appearence.
Quack Pack!: Of course, it will have references to the show - but maybe also to original DuckTales: There was a promo picture for season 3 online featuring Scrooge and Beakly in Original DuckTales-design, Donald in classic cartoon-design and Donald and the boys in typical Quack Pack-pose. The description says a "bigger wish gone wrong", so maybe this is also the episode festuring Gene the Genie? And I'd say, this epsiode would feature Daisy.
Double-O-Duck In You Only Crash Twice!: Launchpad-episode! References the original episode I'd say, maybe Feathers Galore? I think the episode will reintroduce S.H.U.S.H. (maybe with Hooter as Van Drake's successor as director and Agent Gryzlikof) and set-up F.O.W.L. as the season's main antagonist.
The Lost Harp Of Mervana!: Well, hard to guess anything by title. Sounds like a new global adventure for the family. Hope we will see the whole family in action for this one.
Louie's Eleven!: Louie-Heist-episode appearently. Who are the eleven? I think the triplets and Webby and her friends would be safe. But than? Goldie? Team-up with the Beagle Boys? B.O.Y.D.? Maybe it involves Toad Liu Hai (heist, casino, ...).
Astro-B.O.Y.D.!: Astro Boy hommage? Frank Angones mentioned Anime-references in the past and that it would go to Japan and involve Gyro. As B.O.Y.D. seems to be the focus of the episode, Doofus Drake and/or Mark Beaks as "brother" and "father" of B.O.Y.D. could be involved too.
The Rumble For Ragnarok!: Introduces the North mythology to DuckTales (would make sense as Greek, Egyptian and Chinese mythology already played a role in the show). After Jormundgandr was mentioned by Scrooge in Last Christmas!, Scrooge seems to be already familiar with the concept of Ragnarok and North Mythology.
What do you think?
Edit: I think Daisy WON'T appear in Quack Pack, especially as she seems to appear in Louie's Eleven according to the new descriptions.
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Trying to figure out how to fill your schedule next week?🗓

The ITES Innovation Summit has you covered!🔊🔊🔊

Taking place March 11-13 in Deauville, this year the focus is on the challanges of Information Systems in terms of innovation, automation, cybersecurity and collaboration.

Make sure you mark your calendars for Thursday (12/03) at 12:24 to be at the Casino to hear from Tranquil IT's President Vincent Cardon as he presents our solutions for managing access of resources and user rights with #SambaAD 👩‍💻👨‍💻

We hope to see you all there! 🤗

Find all necessary information here - https://www.crip-asso.fcrip/event/detail.html/idConf/782

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What's like the difference

I have just finished the doomsday heist (WITH RANDOMS) because my friend challanged me and he said he will give me 5€ if i do it. It was a pain in the ass. Anyway now he gives me 10€ if i finish the casino heist with randoms. So i am asking like whats the best way to finish with randoms,what am i getting into? Is it easier or harder? Like the doomsday heist took me about 3 weeks with randoms so i dont want 3 weeks wasted from my life on the casino. So like what are the differences (in gameplay) between the Doomsday heist and the Casino heist?
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Detailed explanation of why Role queue will single-handedly eliminate a sizeable chunk of the playerbase.

So, we have come to this point where Overwatch is the next on Blizzard's cutting block, just as it happened with most of their other games.
Overwatch, the latest success of Blizzard Entertainment, might have a place on this list with the addition of it's newest feature: Role Queue.
The game is roughly 3 years old, has been on the gaming scene for quite a long time by now. At this point a game should have a solid framework around it's systems to have a stable and clear picture about what and how it provides it to the players. This is good for both returning players, who can easily get back into the game, because it wasn't turned upside down by changes, and it's also good for new players, who can be sure that it's safe to devote time to the game, again, due to the reason that it is not likely to see a massive and controversial change.
Originally the game shipped with no hero limit. What this meant is that you could have more than one of a character in your team, like 6 Tracers. The people who are saying that if the change to have a hero limit did not damage the game, then the Role Queue change won't either are forgetting very important facts.
  1. The game was still brand new, a huge succes and it garnered the attention of many people for quite a long time. For every player that quit the game over that change, 3 new players came in it's place...
  2. The change to hero limit was done before the first actual ingame competitive season! Not after seventeen...
  3. The gameplay was still in a moldable form and large scale adjustments were expected in the first months of it's release.
For a game that is at Overwatch's age and doesn't soak up players like sponge anymore, the goal is to retain it's players. In other words: To not give them a reason to quit.
Yet, despite all of the above, Blizzard wants to reinvent the wheel, without weighing the consequences.

Let's talk about the developement team, with a focus on Jeff Kaplan's way of communication.

As with many other game's devs in the past, it seems like that they don't hold a firm grip over their game's design structure and rather make assumptions and changes based on the feedback of a vocal but small group of people. In no way the forums, Reddit or the esport scene makes up the majority of the playerbase.
People who are content with the game usually keep to themselves and enjoy their day-to-day life within it. I dare to say that the majority consists of them and these are also the people whose number declines after ill-conceived changes. To reiterate: This is the group that the game must avoid to give a reason for quitting.
Player proposed changes are in the majority of situations rooted in one's lack of succes ingame, therefore the game is the culprit for the negative experience, so it must change in order to fit "their way". Usually the points given why the proposed change would benefit the game are rather vague, and as such, the majority of these "fixes" should be dismisssed right away.
The problem really only arises in situations when even the lead designer can't make solid reasons why a change is for the better of the game.
Allow me to quote Jeff from the official US forum on the first of March 2019.
"if we did role queue, we would do separate SR’s. this is one of the things i think would be really fun (plus make the game way more balanced and improve matchmaking)"
This whole sentence makes one worried about the future of the game. You can check, this is totally legit said by the lead design dev. Part of the worry is the lack of professionalism in the way this was communicated. "Really fun" is a super vague statement and there is simply no elaboration on why it would make the game more balanced or how it would even improve matchmaking in the whole thread! He only answered one question regarding whether somebody mains Symmetra in the Overwatch team, reducing the conversation to a joke level.
To my knowledge, he hasn't elaborated on anything regarding why Role Queue would improve the game, not even in the livestream during the accouncement not so long ago. Again just vague terms, like "fun" "fair games" and the like.
So i ask the burning question: Is this how the Lead Designer should talk about the change, which he calls as the biggest change the game has ever seen? Is there anybody else on the OW team who has a say in these changes, or should i say, dares to challange Kaplan's views?

The precursor changes and warning signs.

One particular change, i think it was made alongside of the Symmetra rework about 1 year ago has always stood out as odd. Namely the complete removal of the Defense hero role distinction, effectively homogenizing the entire DPS roster on the outside. Harmless at first, but homogenization is almost always a bad sign down the line.
For players who started the game before this change, Defense heroes will always remain the way they were like before, since their design is fundamentally different at the core. The fact that they can also be used as offensive heroes was clear even without the role removal.
The other little, but telling sign was the change to the notifications shown during hero selection. Like "team damage too low"," too many snipers". Several of them was removed in favor of promoting the 2-2-2 lineup. This was a major mistake since many players, especially new ones read this as two is the coveted magical number and anything deviating from it is at best not ideal or at the worst meaning that someone is throwing.
The original notifications essentially said that it's good to have at least one from every role and didn't shoehorn players into a rigid sctructure. I consider them superior because they were simple guide lines and as the player went through the natural game progression he or she would have discovered that Defense heroes can indeed be used when you are on Attack and that there is a 2-2-2 team composition, but in no way it was encouraged by the game to use it. It was just an option for you.
Personal discovery. The best thing you could have in this game as a new player. Going through the game in your own pace, playing the modes and heroes you want to play and improve as a player by actually playing the game and formulate your own tactics with the heroes you play, essentially having a unique and very own playstyle.
Not by reading articles written by "pros" or reading about the "meta", not even by watching them play on Twitch. These things do not enhance your progress, but rather impair it, making you try tactics and heroes you are not ready to utilize yet, or make you believe that certain heroes can only be played only one particular way or that one hero is superior so just forget the other one, all because the "pros" said it, and what they say must be true since they are the ones at the top level. All this would cause is a negative experience stemming from the failure of replicating their tactics and having a manipulated view on the game.
This was just a side note. Let's talk about the other implemented feature: Looking for Group
It's an okay feature, which is there as an option for you, so you can use it or just forget that it even exists. However, many players had an unreal expectation from it which persists through even today. What i mean by that is many saw this as the "fix" to their ladder climbing woe.
"If i team up with like-minded people who can communicate and have the intention to win, then we will win."
The problem with this statement is, that many other teams have the same mindset... So, at the end, you aren't any better with your climbing than just solo queuing. Expecting to have a stable winrate with a group of strangers is a bit too optimistic.
There's one more thing to mention about this tool, called: Enforce Roles
It didn't take long to figure out that by enabling this, we basically severely reduce our team's flexibility and just simply gimp ourselves to oblivion. Not having the opportunity to change roles between a round was, and still is, a giant problem. This directly ties into the forced 2-2-2 case, which will be discussed extensively at the end.

The issue of Smurfing and Boosting.

These things have to be clarified in order to understand and see the big picture.
Smurfing by definition: In gaming culture, smurfing is defined as logging into a secret account separate from a main account as to allow the user to play a game without being detected by his or her peers.
Generally the purpose of smurfing is to improve oneself without compromising the statistics of a main account. It allows gamers to try new strategies, or simply play without worrying about a "record".(Urban Dictionary)
Overwatch has no shortage of smurf accounts and their existence is one among the numerous things that undermine the notion of having a competitive ladder that is fair, and represents true player skill. It's important to make a distinction among them, by acknowledging that some players do this because they are hoping to get a better rank after playing their placement matches than what they have on their main account, and there are the malicious evil smurfs who intentionally lose their placements just to destroy players in Bronze or Silver.
These two sit at either end of the spectrum, while most of the Smurfs are located in the middle, playing the game according to the second part of the definition, which is very much relevant to the Role Queue.
The general perception of Smurfs and Smurfing is rather negative, by the community at least. Jeff Kaplan himself doesn't think it is a problem. Just Google "Blizzard's stance on smurfing".
With the Role Queue change, the developers essentially allow you to Smurf on your main account by having three separate SR's. Call it as "Soft Smurfing". This allows you to play a role other than your main role without the worry of losing your SR on the main one, not to mention the fact that it opens way to trolling and toxicity, since you only lose rating on the role you threw the game as. This will also be elaborated later on at the end.
Now on to the big bad in this story: Boosting
The archenemy of Blizzard, the major obstacle in the way of a competitive ladder representing true skill levels... and also the thing that is a godsend to a player after a huge SR drop...
In competitive online gaming boosting is a very big deal and Overwatch's ladder from Bronze even up to Top 500 is infested with boosters.
This isn't really talked about all that much, and Role Queue advocates doesn't seem to be aware of it's existence based on their comments or they just deny it's relevancy. When talking about a game system that is promoted as bringing more "fair" and "balanced" matches and generally being hyped as some kind of saviour, all the while not realizing the fact that rampant boosting undermines it all right from the start, just speaks for itself.
A little demystification about boosting and demonstrating how big and accessible it is.
It's really not done on secret websites with shady people, but rather on sites that are literally just a Google search away. Structured solely to provide boosting services not necessarily only for Overwatch, but for any popular online game, alongside with an actual customer support and usually with reviews that are public to see.
From this point on it's very simple: You choose what you want, be it regular competitive, or any Arcade comp mode like Lucioball and specify your desired rating. You can have the booster log on with your account or you can also play alongside them. Then you pay, and get what you paid for.
The demand for boosting is high and gets higher every day, of course no player would ever admit it, but rest assured, a lot more people do it than you would think. You are simply bound to get matched up against boosters and maybe you do get matched up regularly against them, but there is no way to prove that a particular player is indeed a booster and this ties into the question of...
What can Blizzard do against boosters? Nothing. Plain and simple. Even if they could crack down the sites one by one, more would just emerge in their place, and as i said, there is no reliable way to prove that someone is a booster ingame.
Armed with all this knowledge, now we're ready to see the whole picture.

The benefits of Role Queue and why they don't exist.

I will go through numerous points made in favor of the feature or other observations regarding it, gathered from comments, the livestream, news and forums.
"Forced 2-2-2 lock, with a separate role queue - for Quick Play too (some Arcade modes too, unspecified)" Implementing this into Quick Play is simply a disaster bound to happen. The fact that Arcade will have a Quick Play Classic is not going to make frequent users of this mode all the more happy, since they will be relegated to a place where all the non-serious game modes are, lightly suggesting that further balance changes won't really take this mode into account.
As for the Arcade modes that would receive the role queue change, i can see it happening for Capture the Flag, maybe 6v6 Elimination or even Team Deathmatch and 3v3 Elimination can receive some form of role queue... As you can see, it's not true to say that only Competitive and QP is affected. This even more exacerbates the problems it causes.
"Separate MMR for each role, as well as SR in the case of competitive"
Several issues are embedded into this change. A similar system was added to League of Legends, (Spoiler alert: It got taken out after 2 months.) so that all 5 roles had a different rating, sprinkled with the same empty promises of "fun, and fair games", but all it did was that playing other roles than your main one was useless, due to the fact that it felt like grinding more than one account. Plus it became apparent that the majority of people like to switch between roles rather than being pigeonholed into one.
This is not much different here with 3 roles. Other than some basement dwellers who has time to make reasonable progress on even 2 of them, let alone 3? It is not stated, but if you want to earn your desired rating on one of them, then you are very much forced to play that role forever. Isn't it ironic that Blizzard made this under the premise to not "force" anyone into anything in particular?
What about the rating disparity between players when playing in a group or with friends? Let's say you and your buddy both prefer to be DPS and currently stand at about 3200. Your friend wants to play support now to change things up, but his or her SR is only at 2100. Either you get placed in a gold match as a diamond player or the more likely outcome would be that you can't queue together when your ratings are this far apart. Same thing when you are in a group and maybe you would like to change roles between a match, but everyone's SR is all over the place. Flexibility doesn't get eliminated only during gameplay, but rather across the board.
Separate SR dilutes the importance of your ratings on the ladder and makes the ranks less impactful. Say you like to play both support and tank heroes equally and like to change between matches which role you'll play as. You can still do that with role queue, but then you'll be grinding another ladder without one unified indicator of where you stand as a player, like we have it now. Victories won't feel as satisfactory when playing an off role, because it only contributes to that one role and doesn't really get you any further as a whole. All this points to the glaring problem of making a clear-cut role distinction based ladder in a game, where roles have many overlaps and aren't all that distinct from one another.

Make a little comparison between heroes who are in a different role.

Look at McCree and Zenyatta. A good Zen has to score those headshots to make his place in the team worthwhile, with the added challange of putting his orbs on the right people at the right time and very quickly. Same with McCree, you have to be a good shot, but without the healing. One integral part greatly overlaps between the heroes, even though they are in an entirely different role. But now you are saying that Zen is not a true healer, so let's look at Mercy. The thing with her is that if you want to be a really good Mercy, then you have to make use of the pistol she has. Go on and finish off that low hp player instead of just keeping the beam on that already full health Roadhog or it's better to shoot that Pharah who just started her ultimate, instead of healing her primary target who probably dies anyway and die along with him, and with Valkyrie you can kill almost anyone. Of course, before this, it is crucial to make sure that nobody from your team is low on health.
What's the quickest way to eliminate other players with your pistol? Headshots, as you've guessed it, and for that you have to aim very well. So here we are, even the Queen of healers benefits a lot by knowing how to land your shots. Not to mention Ana and Baptise, who need it even for healing.
Are Tank heroes any different? Not at all! Wrecking Ball's swing and piledrive only accounts for half of his damage, the other half needs precise aiming. It's one thing to hit someone close-up with Roadhog but aiming right with alt-fire is no easy thing, same with the hook. What about Reinhardt's firestrike? Missing with that really makes itself apparent. Orisa? Your shield doesn't mean much when you can't hit the enemy consistently.
If roles were really distinct and different, then this is how they would look: Support heroes would have no weapon or one that can only be used to heal and all their abilities and ultimates would just do healing and nothing else. Tanks would have a shield...and more abilities. DPS would only focus on damage and damage only. Maybe throw in some utilities for someone in every role. This works in an MMORPG, but not in an FPS like Overwatch, but this is how the real role distinction case looks with zero overlaps, so no weapons for support and tanks that has to be aimed in the traditional way. Unfortunately, the separation of roles inadvertedly pulls the game closer a bit to this.

Now let's see how separate SR's lend itself to trolling and toxicity.

As i've mentioned, League of Legends had this kind of system and compounded with the Autofill feature, trolling and generally not caring about the match's outcome when playing an off-role drastically increased. Here, you would also lose some rating from your main role as well, when losing an off-role game, but even this could not thwart the trolls and throwers since the loss was not punishing enough.
As we know right now with this change in Overwatch, throwing a game on your off role or just simply trolling there has no effect on your main role so this behavior will simply have no punishment whatsoever. I highly doubt the SR loss on the off role bothers the offender much. At least in the current system, the one SR rating makes some people to not go as far to throw the game. Of course, we will never know when this is successful, since the "Number of throws averted" metric cannot be measured.
Not caring about whether the match is a loss or win will increase in this system when someone plays an off role, since those matches become less important for them. This is by the very design of this feature and it's simply inevitable. Now even less people will try to give as much as they can to secure a victory. At least the current system has some deterrence factor.

What about the actual SR rating you'll receive after placements?

"They have been tracking role MMR for months, Jeff counts on initial per-role MMR already being mostly accurate, only problem may be a soft MMR reset for people who haven't played in a very long while" What we can derive from this is that the role you play currently the most would have a very similar rating to what you have now. It's all sunshine and happiness until we get to the calculation of roles that you barely played or not played at all...
"If a player hasn’t played recently, or has not played a specific role, things are more difficult (and Jeff didn’t say exactly what they would do)." Obviously, if there's no data for the system to work with then it has no idea where to put you rank wise. There is probably a baseline SR or normalization in this case. Maybe it takes your most played role's SR and tries to put you somewhere in that range, but then that would mean a lot of people's off role SR happens to be at a rank they don't fit into under the new system.
We also don't know how long they have been tracking the internal MMR for roles, but i want to put emphasis on recently in the above statement. So it's not like your whole career is taken into account.
Imagine this scenario: Say you were a DPS main from season 7 to season 12 and you got to Diamond, but then you've found yourself playing more and more Tank heroes, so today you consider yourself a tank main instead. You were close to get into Master, so when you do your placements as a tank, your SR will be about the same as before. Now you start doing to placements for the DPS role, but Blizzard didn't track your MMR back then when you were a DPS main plus you only won 2 of your placements and the system barely puts you into Gold. Would you be happy about this? It's not like you lost all your DPS skillz while playing Tank heroes...
All in all, this is 1 year's worth of developement resources wasted on an inherently flawed, complicated and toxicity promoting system.Don't worry though, this won't be the last useless thing you'll do in your life.
"Jeff Kaplan is a bit concerned about queue times, especially DPS role."
Yes, this is a hard fact. DPS will have an absolute horrible queue time that exceeds 10 minutes. Just Google it. No normal player will accept this, especially after getting used to very short queue times.
Over the years, i've played a lot of competitive and the most time i have waited when solo queuing was about 3 minutes. The only time when this shot up to 5 to 10 minutes happened when i was in a 5 or 6 man group. The usual wait time though is less then 1 minute and many times it's just instant. I queue up and the game starts immediately. Same with Quick Play or almost any Arcade the majority of cases, the queue is instant or close to it.
That's why i always liked the game. No useless waiting time to get in the actual gameplay. No time wasted. 1 minute from booting up the game and you can have a competitive experience without any time-consuming preparation.
"To help incentivize a more even distribution of players across all roles, players who queue for roles that are currently in high demand may get a reward."
This is from the official announcement, where there is a picture attached to this statement. The incentive they want to give is lootboxes. Apart from that it's interesting to see the queue times for each role. They are probably derived from testing and it represents what they expect. A greater than 10 minute queue for DPS, a less than 10 minute queue for Tanks, probably between 5 and 10, less than 5 minute queue for Support. In the light of the reality of the current queue times that i shared, these are simply absurd.
Back to the incentive, lootboxes. To cut short, this won't do anything to get more players into the less played roles. Absolutely nothing. So, if this doesn't work, what's next? Bonus SR?? That would be just pouring oil to an already half-burnt to the ground house.
"Jeff is scared about reception because humans fundamentally dislike change, even though it's for the better"
This was just said to justify something, that has no concrete achievements to show, but has plenty of examples of why it is bad. See valid points made against it here plus League of Legends's faliure to implement a similar system.
"This is the biggest change the game has ever seen, he thinks this is quite beneficial for the game, doesn't believe will impact comp diversity since creativity shines best when working within constraints."
So, you want to tell me that a closed system has more creative and diverse outlets than a system that encompasses the whole of it and enables even more possibilities? Better luck next time with this statement.
"They aren't doing this to force meta changes, it's not their goal."
If we want to be rude, then we can call this as straight up lying. Not the first time developers do this, and not the last either. "There will be four leader boards, one for each role, and a combined one. To qualify for a leader board, a player must play 25 games per role (for a total of 75 if they wish to qualify for the combined leaderboard)"
This isn't aimed at the majority of players, but still just a needless complication of a simple system. Again, same with 3 separate SR's cluttering the statictics and stats tab.
"When the season concludes, players also receive CP based on the highest Skill Tier they obtained during the season per role. Instead of granting a single pool of Competitive Points, we’re separating the total across three pools earned by completing placement matches in each role."
So, players who want to collect gold weapons, are essentially "forced" to complete placements on all roles, or else they won't get the maximum amount of CP they can get. That's 15 placement matches contrasted with only 10, and you also get less CP, unless you earn at least the same or higher rank in every role. Players who only do placements for one role, had their CP gain cut by half at minimum.

Some common "improvements" of the Role queue, commenters like throwing around.

By far, they were the most stubborn and retard "going straight into the concrete wall" mentality type observations made regarding the feature, next to the news by gaming sites portraying it as some kind of messiah. Some of them even failed to copy-paste the starting date for it properly. Heh, that's about gaming journalism as a whole.
"It will make the game balanced."
Balance is based upon pure observation after getting the numbers in place. How do you even measure or test balance? Is there a golden standard for it somewhere to compare your game to?
The thing is, having perfect balance is not achievable, and even if it was somehow achieved, it only takes 1 idiot on the forums to say that a hero is not balanced, so there's that...pure observation and perspectives. A losing player is much more likely to blame the balance of the game, until he or she gets victories and all of a sudden there are no balance problems whatsoever...
There are a few games which aim to have a truly balanced competitive environment, but their playerbases are very very low and for good reason. The reality is that people rather play in a flashy casino than in a strict tournament.
"Now all roles will have a competent player in matches."
Cant be any more further from the truth.
See the following example: Let's say you are a tank main and trying very hard to get into Master, so you give it all you've got in every match. But then let's say that 1 of the support players and 1 of the DPS players are in fact, playing their off role. Your main role SR might be at 3450, but that SR range for someone else may only be their off role SR, so they are not that serious about winning the game, and they just go through the match with a "meh, whatever" outlook. The off role healer is Moira and she prefers chasing low hp enemy players more than healing teammates who are low. The off role DPS is Doomfist and he is trying to be decent, but damn...he misses a lot of rocket punches. Long story short: It's a loss, and the team never even had a chance, since role swapping is not a thing anymore.
Salty Role Queue fanatics will continue to blame those 2 "retard" tank players or 2 "incompetent" healers regardless of whether they are playing their main role or not, instead of the "5 DPS mains ruined my game" reason they like to put the blame on, all the while forgetting the countless lost games they played in a 2-2-2 team format under the current system. Player toxicity knows no bounds.
As i've said before, i had played a lot competitive matches over the years, and in the overwhelming majority, the matches start out with the 2-2-2 lineup without any outside enforcement, and roles are changed or swapped as the game progresses.
The truth is that almost any team composition can win, since player skill with a particular hero beats out rigid role locking or even communication. Yes, 5 DPS who know what they are doing can destroy a 2-2-2 team easily.
It is important to mention that role selection based upon the map is entirely thrown out of the window! Due to the fact that you select roles before you even see what map you are going to play on, a basic thing that the Role Queue can't even give any alternative for. Maybe somone foregoes to play tanks on payload maps because he or she knows that it's a weakpoint for him or her and rather play a support role. Now you are just simply stuck with what you are given.
"Now everyone can play the hero he or she wants to play"
Not even close.
The thing is that even right now in LFG, people want to dictate what hero you should play. This won't be any different in Role queue, and not "meta" heroes won't be accepted kindly, along with some hero combinations, like Hanzo-Widowmaker, Symmetra-Torbjörn, hybrid support pairs or tank duos without a shield. Hehe, and some people dare to say that the "meta" will be more diverse!
What if the teams need a counter for an enemy hero, like Pharah, but neither of the DPS can play hitscan heroes decently? Or what's more simple...they just refuse to change. There is no wiggle room or any flexibility for someone to swap roles or heroes.
There is the talk about not "forcing" anyone into anything, but under this system, you can be forced to play a hero you might be not comfortable with or else lose the match, or get mean comments, or both. The responsibility is put on you, because only one other player can choose that hero, and the team might need the hero he or she is currently playing, so the only one who must change is you.
Yes, with Role Queue, now we can talk about games that are already lost in the spawn room.

Finishing words about the Overwatch League and a troubling revelation.

"The Overwatch League reported in their Stage 4 Preview Special that they consulted with all teams and players for their thoughts on enforced 2-2-2 team comps. Ultimately, the decision was left to a vote with the majority of teams voting for the change."
So, did Blizzard introduce Role Queue because the 0.00001% of all players voted yes for it??????
Or Blizzard was the one forcing it on everyone?
No surprise these players hardly say anything against it, lest Blizzard say something along the lines of "Well, our contract is over", so that's about them.
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I would like to discuss Shadow of War loot boxes. Specifically their (non)requirement in the final act.

Tl:dr: Stuff from lootboxes is bound to you level, you have to play the game to beat the game. legendary orcs are not necessarily better than other orcs
First of all. I think shadow of war is awesome. I was sick the last week and clocked in about 100 hours of it. I'm still not done (I could have finished it a lot earlier but I didn't want to)
I originally bought it because the majority of reviewers said the loot boxes were no issue. But reviews keep emerging from sources I like that are just outright lying about the necessity of lootboxes in the final act. So after watching downward thrust's review which states something along the line of "the last act is a grindfest which you can make quicker by purchasing microtransactions" I decided to make a post clarifying this.
When I finished the story part of SOW I was level 45. I'd say the normal should be about 40ish (the level cap is 60). This was after doing all the side story missions, not all challanges and pickups and fucking about with the nemesis system quite a lot. (hunting down orcs I especially liked to recruit them or killing orcs that I didn't like, betrayed me etc. Just creating my own stories basically.)
Then act 4 came and you're basically supposed to defend and attack fortresses for another 10 to 50 hours. This is were those reviewers state you can expedite the process by buying lootboxes.
There's a couple of levels to this.
First we have to look at the differences between normal, epic and legendary orcs. The quality of orcs is determined by how many feats they have. So e.g. a normal orc has a feat that he's riding a caragor (a beast mount). an epic orc has this feat but also has a couple of caragor with him when he goes to battle, making him a bit tougher. A legendary orc has more feats than this. like in addition to those two things he has a weapon that poisons you and enrages orcs around him.
Then there's weaknesses. I've seen normal orcs that had NO weaknesses at all, were immune to arrows, immune to heavy damage executions, immune to stealth, had super powerfull attacks and were basically a tough sonofabitch. I've seen legendary orcs with two weaknesses who were totally easy to kill because you exploited those weaknesses.
Second thing to understand is this: Orcs from lootboxes spawn at your level. So if you end act 3 of game at level 30, because you rushed through the main story content, lootbox orcs will be level 30.
In stage 9 of act 4 the enemies are level 52 - 60 (i think they were in their high 40s when act 4 started) so good luck with your level 30 lootbox orcs and your level 30 character (although I do think it should be doable with a low level character, because there's difficulty settings / personally I play on the highest difficulty). In order to be succesfull in this post game mode you need to - surprise surprise - play the game. You get new orcs by recruiting them. So those level 52 - 60 orcs after you beat them you can recruit them and vois-la you have a new level 60 orc. (If you are in fact level 60. You can't recruit orcs that are above your level you can however downlevel them by shaming them and hunt them down which makes for fun stories)
Lootboxes will not help you at all. That's were the reviewers who claim that they are required are either lying to get clicks and jump on the wave of hate OR they are uninformed.
The grindfest argument. Well. I have to say I am not a completionist type of person. I didn't play it for around 100 hours to get a 3 minute outro cinematic or achievement. I played it because it's an extremely fun game that is challanging (I still die due to stupid mistakes), makes me laugh (some of the orcs you encounter are HILLARIOUS), and makes me live out a power fantasy about being a fucking badass in mordor in an extremely organic and fluid way. In a sense it's more of a roleplaying game than actual recent roleplaying games because you are able to create your own mini stories and decide what to do with orcs and what kind of "lord" you want to be (e.g. I like sending my orcs to fight in the fighting pits and then choosing the winner of such a tournament to be my bodyguard or if someone betrays me and is annoying about it I shame him until he loses his mind then recruit him and all he does is howl (and it's hillarious)).
On a final note. Lootboxes are objectively not a positive aspect of shadow of war. they are just there. There's absolutely no positive aspect of having them there for the customer but they do not in this case ruin a great game.
I was trying to imagine the person who would buy them for real money. I can't find that scenario. Maybe someone wants all legendary orcs just for the fanciness aspect of it (like e.g. an all gold cards deck in hearthstone). And wants to do that without any effort to show off to his friends or wife or whatnot. That's the only scenario I can think of.
Then there's the argument that lootboxes = bad because it exploits people who have impulse control issues. I guess that's true and I sure hope these people will find help, and I certainly would advise them against downloading any free game on mobile, going to an actually casino, start drinking at home or trying e.g. cocaine. Because that will ruin their lives for sure.
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Criminal mastermind xbox one

I'm rn on vacation but I'm back Thursday and would like to do the criminal mastermind challange with someone. because I still need money for casino idk if I have enough. Is 6 mill enough I don't feel like it is. Drop gt in the comments I play in EU but usually play all day.
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Melee build 200+ dps

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but, here is a build that I like to use. This does need the main DLCs. Start the game with Heavy Handed 9 Luck 9 Intelligence 9 Strength Anything else is your choice but nothing at 10 ( I'll explain later). Start the game and immediatly go to chance's grave and take his knife. It is near Tribal village on a hill. Be careful because it is near a bunch of cazadors but it is possible to sneak past them. Strength for melee, Intelligence for more points when you level up and Luck for the next part. After that continue the main quest until you get to vegas. With 9 luck you should be able to get tons of caps playing blackjack. Once you get 4000 caps get the luck implant at the New vegas medical clinic and break the bank on every casino. It isn't that hard it just takes a while. Then go back to the Medical Clinic and get all the implants. If you don't have enough money break the bank at atomic wrangler and at vikki and vance's casino. If you give yourself 10 in anything at the beginning then you can't take the implant and you effectively lose 1 special point. It dosen't matter what you do but make sure that you stay in the negative karma range. Perks you will need Grunt Cowboy Slayer Ain't like that now Piercing Strike Fitnesse Ninja Some that will help a ton Super Slam Solar Powered Life Giver Them's good eatn' For a good source of health items Lessons Learned Swift learner 1 2 3 Educated Use some to get your endurance up to 10 for more health and some more perks. Grunt increases infintry weapon dmg by 25% including combat knives. Cowboy increases Cowboy weapons' dmg by 25% Including combat knives. Slayer increases melee and unarmed attacks are 30% faster. Ain't Like That Now increases melee and unarmed attacks by 20% and increases AP regen by 25%. Piercing strike Negates some armor when using melee or unarmed weapons. Fitnesse and ninja improve Critical hits to cancel out the negative part of Heavy Handed Along the way you will pick up Melee hacker for faster swinging (it is a challange). With Chance's knife (which is classified as a Combat knife) you deal 54 dmg per swing and 211 dmg per second. Almost 4 swings per second. Things like cazadors stand no chance. Get it? Chance?
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Last week in Nevada Politics (5/6-5/13)

Yucca Mountain
With a Federal bill in the works in Congress, readers of the Las Vegas Sun wrote in to voice their strong opposition to any nuclear waste storage at the Yucca Mountain facility. Even the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce came out in opposition to a Yucca storage site, citing its detriment to new and emerging businesses. Regardless of the outcome, money talks in politics and both Heller and Reid are no strangers to campaign money from Yucca supporters. Despite opposition from the Nevada delegation, the House passed the Yucca bill, though Heller has vowed to stop it in the Senate. Will anything change in this fight that's been ongoing since 1987? The better question might be, has anything changed from 1987 to 2018?
Governor Primary Battle - Democrat V. Democrat
Early voting for the primary starts on May 26th, with actual primary voting done on June 12. Have you registered to vote yet?. The two front runners in the Democratic race are both using attack ads on TV, the radio, and writing opinion pieces in the local papers. Hear from Chris G. on why Steve Sisolak is attacking her then check out the ads put out by Sisolak stating that Chris G. isn't a progressive. or read Sisolaks reply to Chris G. in the RGJ calling her political actions self-serving. With 43 days left until the primary this will likely only get worse. Here is a local conservative columnists view on the two Democrats race to be seen as more progressive candidate.
Nevada's Death Penalty
An inmate on death row has repeatedly expressed his desire for the state to expedite his execution. Unfortunately, the state has no drugs available to use in an execution and the courts must decide if it is constitutional to use an untested drug combination. Several locals wrote in to oppose the death penalty entirely including former Nevada legislator Sheila Leslie. On Thursday however, the Supreme Court in Nevada overturned a lower courts ban on one of the drugs to be used in the execution. The untested drug cocktail could be used in the execution, that is, if the state can find an unexpired drug. Pharmaceutical companies are becoming less likely to sell their drugs to states if they know they will be used in an execution. For now, the death row inmate can be executed if the drug can be acquired.
More Supreme Court news - Sanctuary Cities
A busy week for the Supreme Court as they heard arguments challanging the language related to a proposed ballot question that would ask voters to ban sanctuary cities in Nevada. Challangers of the ballot question claim that the initiative violates Nevada's "single subject rule" because sanctuary cities affects multiple areas of law including asylum, medical care, criminal justice, and education rights. Proponents claim the single subject is sanctuary cities. In a move that riled the local Libertarian party Facebook group, a local Libertarian party leader penned an op-ed titled "Make Nevada a Sanctuary State". He claims that open borders are the key to free and unobstructed markets. No ruling has been issued on this case as of May 13.
Nevada is well known for being at or near the bottom of all education rankings nationwide. This week we heard from Democratic Governor candidate Chris G. on her proposals for improving education across the state. Now all four top gubernatorial candidates have released their education plans: Steve Sisolak-D, Dan Schwartz-R, and Adam Laxalt-R. Governors may have a plan and set an agenda but all legislation goes through the Senate and Assembly. Likely leader of the Assembly Democrats and potential speaker, Jason Frierson, released his own education blueprint this week too.
None of the candidates mentioned the recent state audit report which found that a about 80 elementary schools across the state, mainly in rural areas, have not conducted any lead testing on their water systems. The state is also seeking to expand the lad testing grant to include middle and high schools.
Oh Nevada
A Lieutenant governor candidate integrated Scientology into bottled water company; required top employee to attend "brainwashing" rehab center. And now we have to hope this reporter isn't being monitored for life by the scientologists.
Multiple casinos could face fines from state regulators for failing to submit their emergency plans.
State Senator Tick Segerblom, the "Godfather of Marijuana legalization", has joined the board of a second marijuana company.
Current Attorney General and Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Adam Laxalt, is being criticized for endorsing a Storey County Sheriff accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.
In stuff Nevada does a bit differently, you can vote "None of the Above" in the constitutional races and one conservative writer advocates doing just that this year. We're cool enough that washingtonpost even wrote about our none option in 2014. Then again a few months later when Democrats actually picked "none" over all possible candidates in the June primary.
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How PMO-E affected my life.

I just want to get my story out there.
I am a 26 year old male. I started watching porn when I was a kid, about 10 years old. It started with porn ads, those stupid photos you would see on the side banners. I got hooked. Porn was my life, it made me want more and more stimulation. I started to pull away from my family. Eventually all I would think about is when the house would be empty so I could watch more porn and masturbate. As the years went by others started to date but I could hardly talk to a girl. I didn't understand why, I thought it was just who I was.
College came by and I stopped watching as much porn because of all the new and exciting opportunities and also cause I had a roomate now. I was eventually able to start talking to more girls and more confidently but something still felt off. I wasn't too attracted to them. I wanted a relationship but I would always end up in the dreaded friend zone. I didn't understand why.
Eventually I moved back home to save on the cost. It had the unintended effect of allowing for more porn time. Around the same time I told a friend, of 2 years, that I had a crush on her. Really it was more than a crush, it felt like "love". She said she didn't want a relationship. I talked to a mutual friend, who was closer to her, about it and she said I had a chance if only I would be more assertive. What did that mean? I had an idea, but how did it come so naturally to others? Why was I so akward with making moves? The stress and shame would just take me back to PMO, my only relief. Nothing ever happened with her.
Fast foward to 3 years ago. I was diagnosed with ADD, the uncool attention disorder. The one that brings you inside your head. Around this time I tried to give up distractions, like porn. Still my struggle with women continued. Then a few months later I went abroad on vacation. During a party at a hostel I met a girl. We talked and danced. Then for some reason, I was able to make a move. It was probably because of the months without porn and also because I had some help from liquid courage. That night was unforgettable. The softness of her lips and skin, her intoxicating scent and her laugther and moans. PMO was nothing compared to this. We parted ways and I never saw her again.
Later in the trip me and my friends went out to a club, but it was closed so we ended up at a strip club. I didn't want to be there. I felt weird and awkward. It wasn't my scene. But my friends wanted to stay. So I decided to at least drink to get over some of the awkwardness. Then it all came so quick, we ended up in the VIP room with more and more liqour. I blacked out for a bit and gained conscience while having sex with a stripper. I was too drunk for O. Still drunk my friends decided to taxi it over to a casino where we found hookers. Both the stripper and the hooker were nothing like the girl from the hostel. The passion was not there.
After the trip I had mixed feelings. Shame about what I did with the stripper and hooker. But overall now I felt confident that I could talk to women and actually take it somewhere. But at last life requires that you be patient. I was not, I was easily discouraged and began using porn compulsively anytime I failed with a girl. This period was one of the heaviest in my use of PMO. I didn't realize that it was taking me farther and farther from my goal.
Then I met a girl who lived on the other side of the country. We began texting and we would have day-dates when she would come to my side of the country, for job interviews. I decided to visit her for a weekend. It was an amazing weekend but I couldn't place a move. She was cute but again it felt off. After the trip we planned to meet again soon. But life kept postponing the date.
We kept in touch. Eventually we talked about our sexual past. She had a normal one. I just alluded to being rather new. I started worrying, what if I'm not experienced enough? I started watching way more porn to try to learn. But it didn't feel like enough. Then it happened, I ended up at an escort page. At first I dismissed it. But slowly as the fear grew, the temptation grew. Eventually through emotional reasoning I had convinced myself that I needed to pratice and the only way that was possible was with an escort.
I couldn't get it up. I thought it might have been because of anxiety or guilt? I tried a few other times with other escorts but no success. While searching on google for possible causes I stumbled on NoFAP. It all made so much sense! I decided to take on the challange and stop PMO. I stopped cold turkey, with one or two porn relapses. But I was able to make it far, about 3 months. I experienced and was just getting over the trechorous flatline! Then the fear of not being expereinced enough and now of not being able to get aroused got to me. I again searched for escorts. This time I was able to get it up and O. It didn't feel right. It felt fake, rehearsed, there was no passion and only guilt followed this time. It felt like I had just masturbated while watching porn.
By this time me and the girl from the other side of the country had stopped talking. I felt lonely and would start looking at porn sites but it didn't do much. But the escort site...the possibility of choosing one of these girls and within hours being able to have sex with them! It excited me! At first i would only peruse the sites but eventually I acted on it. Every time it never turned out like I imagined, it always felt fake. It felt like a new way to masturbate. But all I felt afterwards was shame and guilt. After finishing off my brain would then remeber, wait these are human beings! Wtf is wrong with you! Which would chill me out for a while. But the more I did it, the smaller the grace period got. I would feel empty right after O and it would seem that the only thing I could do to feel something again was to seek another escort. There would be nights that I would go from escort to escort. Binging like I did with porn.
At the same time that I began NoFAP, something else had happened. One day while talking to my dad, I started having an "urge" to hit him. I didn't understand it. I began worrying about that too. The worry began to consume my life. Then other harmful thoughts started occurring too. I didn't want them but they were there. Eventually I went to a psychologist. He diagnosed me with Harm OCD. It's not completely understood but it is said to be a malfunction of the executive function of the brain. Which as well all know is a part of the brain that is heavily affected by porn addiction. Anyways it was the stress and anxiety cause by OCD that kept me intertwined with escorts. Seeing them as an escape.
Eventually I found a way to cope with OCD in a healthy manner, through Cognitive based theraphy and mindfulness. I also started seeing the contradiction of being afraid of causing harm to others and wanting to be a person of benevolence (something I've always strived for) yet I would watch porn and even pay escorts to have sex with me. What I should really have been guarding against was the way those two negative habits were deteriorating my character. How occasionally I would pass by someone and have an automatic thought like "I wonder if she's an escort/porn star, she should be ". How instead of trying to work things out with people I would just think "screw it I'll just watch porn or see an escort". How while triggered I would ignore others and abadon my reaponsibilities. And even ignoring stories that the escorts would tell me. The harshest one being of one who had a tattoo of her new born son. In the heat of the moment I didn't care. But afterwards it made me sick. Yet later on when triggered, my brain omitted that when it was trying to make me seek her out again.
I began a new challange NoFAP-E, adding escorts to the list. It was hard. I struggled. It wasn't as easy as just quitting porn. In fact it went back and forth. To get myself to stop seeking out an escort I would masturbate there to the rush of seeking them out online, to the pictures they had posted. Eventually it would make me worry about losing the progress I had made on reversing the effects of PMO and it would make me seek escorts again. It became a vicious cycle.
I began using the tools i learned from OCD to tackle on these addictions. And they have definetly helped me progress towards my goal. But still there are days, such as today where the cycle continues. Where I automatically end up in a porn site and then I end up at an escort site and end up with an escort (ending my 2 month streak) .
Still I feel hopeful. CBT and Mindfulness have given my life a new perspective. They've helped connect me better with others and myself. They help keep me grounded. I just need to be patient and pratice more. There's a Cherokee story about a Chief telling his grandson about a fight going on within him. A fight betwen two wolves. One is evil, he is anger, envy, sorrow, greed, arogance, lies, and fear. The other is good, he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy, truth and compassion. He then tells the grandson that the same fight is going on within him and everyone else. The geandson then asks who will win? And the Chief replies the one you feed. I've been feeding the wrong wolf these past years. But now I am feeding the right wolf. The wolf I want to be. It'll take some time before the bad wolf weakens but I hope one day he will be unable to win against the good wolf.
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Need some ideas on feasible blockchain project

Recently read over 100 pieces of whitepapers by recent ICOs or companies which have been in this industry for several years.Find some problems with these projects:
1.Most of them cannot be implemented or may be implemented with much difficulty 2.Few of the projects quote the actual cooperation with established companies,not to mention insert their technology into these companies 3.Whether it is necessary to adopt blockchain and ICO for each project?This is also a big problem as I can not find convincible evidence to support their statement.
As I am currently searching for some blockchain project ideas ,but i find this is a challange for me due to the problems above as well as many other problems which I did not mention.
Let me list some areas that I think maybe feasible:
1.cryptocurrency exchange identity history verification 4.get compensation for flight delay rental 6.authentification for high-end merchandise ,like handbags. chain management
Also,these areas are currently non-feasible(my opinion): 1.decentralized casinos 2.ecommerce records 4.transactive grid registration
I hope to get some REAL opinions on which areas we may enter into in order to develop a feasible blockchain project which can be implemented in our real life or respective industry.
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Need Help Evaluating a Huge Deal I'm Making Tomorrow

So tomorrow I'm meeting with a guy I have speaking with off Craigslist at my bank to do a huge transaction. This will be by far the biggest amount of money I have ever put up for a collection.
For $2000, I will be getting the following games, systems, cords, etc. which is all in great condition with the original boxes, manuals, etc. Anything that has a player's guide next to it means the game comes with the player's guide as well.
Nintendo Virtual Boy and AC Adapter
Game Boy Color AC Adapter Screen Light
Atari Lynx carrying case, AC Adapter, Auto Adapter, Sun visoscreen guard
Super Nintendo
Sega Genesis and Sega CD
CD Games
Sony Playstation
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Wii Wii Fit Plus
Please let me know what you think gamecollecting, before I throw down this insane amount of money.
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